Why Venus Realty

Are you looking for an agency that has a realistic commission and advertising package?

Your search is over!

We don’t charge ridiculously high commissions.  Our commission is capped at $6,950 + gst

Did you know that most agencies now charge on average 3% of the contract price of your home.

In addition there are also advertising costs  of $1,800 to $5,000.

What Do We Charge?

Maximum we charge for commission is $6,950 + gst and FREE advertising on major real estate websites and social media.

We’re happy to talk to you about additional advertising and marketing to suit your budget, but it’s entirely up to you.  No pressure from us if you want to stay with our FREE advertising package


  • You know, just like we do, that the majority of homes are sold on line (realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, etc)
  • The internet gives us the tools and access we need to reach the world
  • Our agents have the maturity, skills and experience to get the job done
  • We’re not Brain Surgeons or Rocket Scientists, we don’t need to be.  However we do have the skills and we are experienced at what we do.  We can sell your family home for the best possible price and  we don’t charge a Surgeon’s or Rocket Scientist’s salary to do it!

What Else?

  • We take the stress out of selling your home and all for a price you’re happy to pay
  • We are the future of real estate selling –  and we can guarantee a better deal!
  • We are the most cost competitive agency in Ipswich
  • A large percentage of our business is through referrals
  • We don’t need to be part of a large franchise to get you the right result.
  • We’re the alternative you’ve been waiting for

We’re here to disrupt and we’re here to challenge.

Join our revolution and save thousands of $$$$ on commission and advertising.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how our competition package their product, we can assure you that when you open the box we’re exactly the same.  In fact we think we’re better!