How Many More?

The number of companies springing up telling you who is the best agent in terms of number of houses sold, what price and what commission they charge is staggering.  I can’t watch Foxtel without  almost every second advert turning our market into the equivalent of the Oscars.

You know the ones , Open Agent, Local Agent Finder, Rate My Agent, Undercover Agent, Secret Agent and the 007 Agent license to kill!

They all claim it is  absolutely 100% free to sellers. WRONG!  They charge varying rates of extremely high fees to the agent, from Open Agent’s 20% of the agents fees to Local Agent Finder’s .375% of the contract price.  So the real estate agent invariably adds this on to your commission bill in order to recover the cost of what these agent finders charge.  Trust me, many real estate agents aren’t exactly famous for their generosity when it comes to invoicing.

The other complaint we hear, is sellers get bombarded with umpteen agents, many don’t even live in the area, have very little experience and it proves to be a very stressful event with the agents being very pushy.


Simple. Go to, who incidentally have a massive 89% of the market and then see for yourself which agent wins your Oscar in terms of reviews, success and lowest fees.

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