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Agent Profile

Lou Muddaris Business Development Manager

Lou’s first role after graduating from University with a BSc in Economics was as a stockbroker for Barclays Investment Bank. Over the next 30 years he started and developed existing businesses both in the UK and the US, both as a futures trader and a stockbroker. In 1995 he decided to call Australia home and commenced working with Bankers Trust (now Macquarie Bank) which drew on his knowledge and contacts to develop their European trading portfolio.

Lou now joins Venus Realty and brings with him a wealth of experience. We’re all about pushing boundaries when it comes to real estate selling, so sometimes it’s necessary when you’re looking for fresh thinking to step outside the box.

Lou’s View

The internet has proven to be a game changer for many businesses. It is becoming increasingly clear that you have to change your business model or close your doors. The digital era has forced massive redundancies in many industries, like stockbroking and many more.

It's those that choose to embrace change and adapt their business model, well they continue to thrive in a changing market, but for hundreds of thousands around the world who continue to stick their head in the sand, they will eventually, or in fact have already become redundant.

It is clearly evident from my own experiences that a stockbroker charging 1.5% in commission could no longer be sustained in today's environment, so charging on average 3.3% in commission to sell the family home, is in my opinion outrageous.

People have been conditioned to believe for the past thirty years that the only way you were going to get the result you were looking for was to pay an exorbitant price. How times have changed!

The consumer is starting to take back control. People are now beginning to see that they can get exactly the same result but with massive savings not just in the shopping trolley, but also when selling the family home.

So my key role is to ‘Get the message out there’ and along with the rest of the team that's what we’re going to do!


PS: Once a trader always a trader - still happy to share my knowledge - just send me an email.

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